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Kale Pres, in compliance with the customer needs and requirements in all sectors, has adopted a quality management system aimed at continuous improvement.

Our quality laboratories have been equipped with the advanced equipment that includes cutting edge technology measurement and control devices. For Kale Musluk, quality is not just a measurable parameter but it is a significant part of our corporate culture.

In order to move in this direction, the performance data that are obtained during every stage of production are gathered electronically and they are analyzed. Moreover, the quality data are electronically collected in our quality stations found in the sites and even the smallest deviations are meticulously investigated, the necessary precautions are taken and the quality problems are avoided.

By reflecting our experience of many years to our quality management system instructions and procedures we aim for all our partners to benefit from this experience.

Quality Policy

All our processes are being carried out in compliance with the ISI9001:2008 standards. Every stage of our production is followed and reported with the continuous signals received from the site. The quality data received from the site is consistently tracked electronically and even the smallest deviations are meticulously inspected. Thanks to the cutting edge technology dimensional measurement devices, even the most sensitive measurements can be taken within seconds.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Kale Musluk, we respect national and international legal legislations and regulations and we strive to create a healthy and safe workplace within the Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on constant improvement.


Our Environment Policy

As Kale Musluk, we accept as our essential environment policy that we use the natural resources most efficiently and productively in all our activities, prevent pollution and respect the laws completely, reduce and separate the wastes, which have composed during our activities at their sources, recycle and dispose them with proper methods.


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