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Our History


Our factory, which works in the field of brass hot forging and machining, was established in 1969 at a 40m2 workshop. Today we continue our production in a 3800m2 factory area with our 40 years of experience.

We constantly increase our production with modern and technological investments that have been made since 2004. We have the honor of fulfilling customer requests without compromising our quality.

Vision and Mission


Our Vision

-Constantly improving our quality standards, while focusing on an approach with minimum error and maximum productivity in order to attain perfection.
- To become one of the most significant manufacturers in brass forging an machining sector, both in the domestic and the foreign market.
- To maintain our presence in the fields of brass forging and machining by spreading our knowledge, competence and experiences in the sanitary fittings manufacturing to new sectors.

Our Mission

To perform our manufacturing process respecting the humans and the environment in our every field of activity by adopting the customer satisfaction and continuous improvement as our basic principles.

All our processes are being carried out in compliance with the ISO9001:2008 standards. Every stage of our production is followed and reported with the continuous signals received from the site. The quality data received from the site is consistently tracked electronically and even the smallest deviations are meticulously inspected. Even the most sensitive measurements can be taken within seconds.

As Kale Musluk, we respect national and international legal legislations and regulations and we strive to create a healthy and safe workplace within the Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on constant improvement.

We are working with full strength in order to be an exemplar establishment in terms of occupational health and safety in brass forging and machining sector while managing the following activities integrated to our Quality and Environment Management Systems

  • Minimizing health and safety risks by analyzing the risks that are possible to occur in a workplace
  • Creating Occupational Health and Safety awareness and arranging training activities to improve it.
  • By increasing efficiency by means of taking the necessary precautions, as we are adopting the principle of zero work accident and zero occupational illnesses and managing our activities together with our Quality and Environment Management Systems, we are striving to become an exemplar company in terms of occupational health and safety in the brass forging and machining.

As Kale Musluk, we accept as our essential environment policy that we use the natural resources most efficiently and productively in all our activities, prevent pollution and respect the laws completely, reduce and separate the wastes, which have composed during our activities at their sources, recycle and dispose them with proper methods.

  • We are working with full strength in order to be an exemplar establishment in terms of our environmental leadership in brass forging and machining sector while managing the following activities integrated to our Quality, Work Health and Safety Management Systems.
  • Handing down a clean and a health environment to the next generations
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • Reducing the negative environmental effects during all the phases from designing to the end of life cycle
  • Preventing pollution at its source
  • Raising the environmental awareness of our employees and community

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